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our hearts are bruised from longing
i'm still hopelessly dreaming
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30th-Aug-2013 10:48 pm(no subject)
Park Bom <3
the good news is that i'm number 5,011,327 which is just spectacular since i've never been ranked so high in anything.
30th-Aug-2011 07:17 pm - 7 reasons why the world is ending
young bae swagger
Title:  7 reasons why the world is ending
Pairing: Gen
Rating: PG [ mild cussing]
Gerne: Crack [i wish]
Warning: Unfunny/Uncracky/Unbetaed
Discalimer: want 2pm, don't own 2pm, want to kidnap 2pm, don't wanna go to prison
A/N: This is so late it was supposed to be out 3 months ago and so much better, i suck. 

By clicking on this you agree to burn your eyez! With love <3Collapse )
3rd-May-2011 11:24 pm - the things we do for love
young bae swagger

Title: the things we do for love
Author: kdsaj2
Rating: PG-13 (with implied, non-heavy sexual content)
Onsided 2x KhunYoung, Khuntoria, (Implied KhunU too...read and you will understand)
Genre: Angst, dark
Summary: Nichkhun doesn't care. Wooyoung is the perfect liar.
Disclaimer: I do not own, if i do ya can't have.
A/N: So i had a fun idea, there are actually two fic in there. they are entwined and juxtaposed together. Since i thought that the theme was the same it's not really juxtaposition but I'm sure it'd flow better. The Italic and none italic are of two different POV, don't get them mixed up ;D
Lastly it is unbetaed, so please forgive, if you see any glaring mistakes let me know kay ?

Read more...Collapse )


2nd-Apr-2011 12:04 am - the dance floor is wobbling
young bae swagger

Title: the dance floor is wobbling
Rating: Pg-13 to R (not really)
Pairings/Characters: ChanWoo
Basically this is the adjacent fic to my previous work
the lights are in my eyes it means that it is happening at the exact same time. Again this is inspired by my bud [info]poppypromise.
and also like my previous story this story possess a very familiar pre-history-storyline based upon her work
You've got a friend in me. 

“When are you getting off?” Chansung asked. He didn’t bothered to comment on the potential double entendre.Collapse )



31st-Mar-2011 11:07 pm - the lights are in my eyes
young bae swagger

Title:  the lights are in my eyes
Author: kdsaj2
Rating: Pg-13 to R (not really)
Pairings/Characters: KhunHo

“Let’s get out of here” the voice reeked sex, raw, lusty sex, his favourite.Collapse )

From a conversation with my oh so sweet buddy
[info]poppypromise. Like her i did KhunHo as well but it's er...sexier ? So thus the opposite. But it does involve hugging and friends ;D

29th-Mar-2011 11:28 pm - Too high a fence
Nicole in a scarf &lt;33
Title:  Too high a fence
Genre: AU-ish, fluff(?), drama, coming of age
Rating: PG-13 (mild swearing)
Pairings/Characters: WooU (Wooyoung/IU)
Summary: They shares a bit about each other.
Author Comments: : First of all this is dedicated to, made for and all because of the amazing
Thankyou bb, you made me write my first ever het fic :DDD It's all in the name of your brilliance and amazingness as well as your ability to write het i want to read and mull over <333 (also in the name of WooU because darn it they are adorable xD)
-also to apology for the lack of a beach house and kidnapped khunyoung-
Anyways,.....please remember folks,
I made them roughly the same age. (1 or 2 year(s) apart)

Time intervals gets shorter and shorter as you read past each section basically (except for the last one).
UBETAED, so even if i tried very hard to edit some stuffs might have sneaked past me >_<


Her wind-chime laughter filled the airs around them. Collapse )


27th-Mar-2011 11:38 pm - A Little Late
young bae swagger

Title:  A Little Late

Genre: Angst
Pairing: Topri
Raiting: PG-13 (Swearing)
Summary: Seungri is pissed off.
Disclaimer: Do not own, if you do I'd buy.
AN: Wow, flat out angst, how bold of me LOL.
Note that this is my comeback fic, thus not very good. As well it is still unbetaed. :D
Inspirations are of The Fray - You Found Me and Adele - Rolling In The Deep. Check those out.


In life, sometimes it’s better to concede defeat rather than trying to change the inevitable. Collapse )


30th-Dec-2010 05:49 pm - What Should I Do?
young bae swagger
Title: What Should I Do?
  TaeMinho (2Min)
Genre: Hurt/Comfort
Rating: G
Summary: Reaching for his pocket he pulled out a worn, crumpled letter. Abused too many times in such a short period and each time Taemin felt no sympathy towards it. Only hate. A white flash of unseen malice reached him and he balled his fist tightly crushing the light weight in his hand.
Author's Note: It’s an OOC-ish-based and AU-ish 2MIN :O
(The best kind!! I SAID BEST YOU LITTLE-....err I mean……….)
BTW, I really appreciate comments and review, tell me what you think and what you’d like to see ;D
And I’d like to get to know people so friend me? ^^
I’ll be sure to friend you back and read your awesum stories.
And of course since i am officially an unofficial LJ writer a disclaimer must be in place, SHINee is not mine. But if anyone does own them I want a Minho to go okay? …please? D:
a little surprise at the end too for SHINee fans<333


The street lights danced almost frantically in the bustling city air.Collapse )
16th-Dec-2010 04:45 pm - Underneath the Sky Dome
young bae swagger

Title:  Underneath the Sky Dome
Author: kdsaj2
Genre: AU, Angst, Hurt&Comfort
Rating: PG13 - implied..stuffs...again..but not very heavy don't worry :D
Pairings/Characters: WooHo (Wooyoung/Junho)
Summary:  “Stay” Wooyoung didn’t open his eyes but he was sure they’d be pleading; his head snuggled into the plush pillow.
Author Comments: : Unbeta-ed again sniff sniff. So anyways i am feeling lazy and had a burst of angsty need to write some lovely WooHo xD Hopes you like. Geez too much angst i am duking out xD 
Hopes you guys like it ;D

“Stay” Wooyoung didn’t open his eyes but he was sure they’d be pleading; his head snuggled into the plush pillow.Collapse )


12th-Dec-2010 10:08 am - I'm still alive
young bae swagger
Title:  I'm still alive
Author: kdsaj2
Genre: AU, angst, drama
Rating: PG-13+
Language, implied smut, however nothing explicit. (implied, implied)

Pairings/Characters: JayKhun
“ You shakes your ass in front of strangers for money, it’s not much different!”
“Shit fuck it’s different ! I have my clothes on at all time and I don’t do it for money, and I don’t fucking shakes my but, it’s called dancing asshole”
“Yeah yeah, see if I ever invite you to a strip club ever again, I even brought flavor condoms and everything”
“Eww keep those to yourself”

Author Comments: : UNBETAED so mistakes are....abundant..This was also intended to be short but now it's like 2000+ words.
My first JayKhun, hope you guys enjoy. I am also in an angsty mood :D
I also realized that Khun maybe a bit OOC but you know..xD
Also as you reads, the italics should match up with the non italic part of the storyline later on
“How did we get here ?” he whispered hoarsely into the emptiness. Collapse )
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